Freighting Frangipani Tree Orders

Freighting (also known as transporting and shipping) fees are automatically calculated by our online shop using the state. (See below) If the delivery suburb is not the capital city of the state, we need to determine if delivery is possible and if so what the additional costs will be. In other words, we need to calculate the delivery fees manually for areas outside state capital cities.

Standard Door to Door Shipping Rates

Destination First Pallet Space Additional Pallet Spaces
South East Queensland (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane to Toowoomba, Gold Coast to the border) 60 60
Sydney Metro 160 160
Newcastle & Central Coast Areas 230 190
Melbourne Metro 220 220
Adelaide Metro (New) 250 250
Wollongong Area NSW 200 200


Width – A pallet is around 1.1m squared. If your order is wider than 1.1 metres, it might be possible to pull in the outer branches with rope. Thin branches are flexible and can be bent a certain amount without risk of breaking. If your frangipani order consists of two or more frangipanis, it is easy to interlock the branches so that two 80cm wide frangipanis become less than a metre wide. Transport companies realize the unfairness of paying for an extra pallet space for a couple of over hanging branches, so they often deliver oversized frangipanis without complaint. On the other hand if your frangipani order is wider than 1m on both sides or one side is well over 1m wide, it will be necessary to purchase extra space.

Height – If a frangipani tree is 2m or taller, it will not stand upright in some smaller trucks and trailers. Use of larger trucks need to be arranged. This does not cost more money but may require more time.  Options such as carrying the tree sideways in a harness may require more space which will incur additional costs.

Increasing Value and Reducing Shipping Costs
*If two or more frangipani trees can be loaded within one pallet space (1m x 1m), freight will be the same as transporting one frangipani tree.
*When ordering a large frangipani, ask us to suggest smaller frangipanis which can be delivered on the same pallet without changing the freight charges.
*If freight charges are too much for your small order, ask us to combine your order with another order going to your city.

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sharing interstate transport costs.

Door to Door Delivery Locations
South East Queensland includes the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Noosa to the north and Gold Coast airport to the South. It also includes west of Brisbane to Toowoomba.
NSW & VIC shipping rates only apply to the capital city regions (ie. Sydney Metropolitan and Melbourne Metropolitan areas). The automatic shipping rates are calculated using the state of your selected shipping address (e.g. Victoria, New South Wales) and the number of frangipani tree(s) ordered.

Other Locations
If you wish to have your order shipped to somewhere besides the locations in the above price chart, we’ll need to confirm whether delivery is possible or not and what the costs will be. Please feel free to place your order through the shopping cart website and wait for our response. (Also see Economy Shipping)

Door to Door Drop Off Instructions
Drop Off Instructions – If you need to leave dropping off instructions, you can do so when ordering or by email. If no specific instructions are received, the driver will decide on the best place to leave your frangipani tree(s).

Door to Door Expected Delivery Times
From experience, we have learnt than 5 to 10 percent of our customers plan to plant frangipani trees as part of a larger landscaping project and require us to delay or be more urgent with delivery. We are happy to work with you as much as we can to help you so PLEASE let us know your situation.
We especially appreciate the 90 plus percent of customers who are flexible and patient allowing us to combine pick ups or combine our local deliveries.

During the months from October to February, delivery is around 2 to 3 weeks from the order date. After the busy wholesale season (March) and during the winter months, delivery may take longer depending on the size of the trees and the destination.