Attractive Features of The Frangipani

Flower Shape And Colours

The scent of the frangipani flower is undoubtedly the most attractive feature of the frangipani species. Over the years I’ve also met many people who also appreciate the frangipani flower’s appearance. Sometimes the frangipani flower shape but more often the flower colours.

Low Maintenance

I’ve met others who want a low-maintenance plant, one that can survive in poor quality soil and survive with no fertilizer and no hand watering.

Architectual Beauty

Some customers are keen to appreciate the structure of a leafless frangipani in the midst of winter dormancy while others want the leafless deciduous tree to let the winter sun through to their yard or house. Other customers seek a twisted and gnarly trunk like the old frangipani trees in Bali.


Climate Change, Global Warming, El Nino and Frangipanis

Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone for a great 2016!

Hot Summer Is Coming

Last month, I watched on tv, news of the destructive fires in WA, VIC and SA. Many parts of NSW and QLD are also starting to feel the effects of drought. We were warned that this summer could be the driest on records because of the approaching El Nino.

Even though there will always be conspiracy theorists, the number of climate change sceptics are dwindling. Every few years or so, it seems records are being broken which often means hotter temperatures and drier weather.

Gardens Suffer in Hot Dry Weather

People in rural areas feel the effects more, but both rural and urban gardens suffer during hot dry weather. Many people are too busy with work and other obligations to water regularly and sometimes there are even water restrictions. When the cooler weather and regular rains come again, some plants will be dead and need replacing which can be discouraging. Frangipanis are one of the most drought resistant plants in Australia and are more likely to reward you and encourage your gardening.

Frangipanis Are Drought Resistant

Frangipanis have evolved in central America and the hotter areas in South America including some desert areas so frangipanis are very good at collecting and retaining moisture.

Established frangipanis in the ground can grow normally despite months of hot temperatures and no water. This means when we get a heatwave and everything in the garden is dying and you are too busy to look at your garden, your frangipani tree will not mind. Another bonus is that frangipani trees often produce more flowers in hot dry weather.

Having said that, smallish frangipani plants and frangipani in pots are more likely to need some hand watering to continue thriving.

It’s easy to regret some past plant choices when we are in the middle of a drought but there are no regrets with choosing a frangipani.

Frangipani Frangrance

The Most Popular Feature

When I started selling frangipani trees many years ago, I quickly learnt the main reason for people wanting a frangipani tree was the fragrance of the flower. I almost mistakenly thought it was the only reason but I was occasionally surprised to meet a customer who cared less for the flower fragrance and cared more for one of the other features of the frangipani.

Species and Scent

Some frangipani species have no scent so be sure to research your desired species if you want a fragrant flower. Some varieties of the common species (plumeria rubra) also have a very mild or no scent at all. We stock several red varieties, which all have a milder scent, because the red colour is quite popular but besides red we DO NOT keep or sell any varieties that have a mild or nos scent in the common frangipani species (plumeria rubra).

(Note-Fragrance strength fluctuates greatly depending on the time of day, season, recent weather, micro-climate, current temperature and wind etc. so sometimes the scent is hardly noticeable even on a strongly scented frangipani variety.)

Enjoying Frangipani Scents

When working with frangipanis (or anything else) on a daily basis, it’s easy to become over-familiar and under-appreciate them but whenever a summer breeze drowns the senses with the beautiful scent of frangipani flowers, I’m reminded how impossible it is to lose appreciation for the frangipani flower fragrance.

Don’t forget! Taking cut frangipani flowers and keeping them in a vase or pond closer to your living area is a great way to better enjoy the fragrance of frangipani flowers.