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Welcome to is Australia's first (and possibly still the only) frangipani website to have an online shop with pictures and prices for each available advanced frangipani tree.

Our aim is to save our customers time and money by making it easy to order online from anyway in Australia. We can easily arrange door-to-door delivery within Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. For other parts of Australia on the East Coast (including Newcastle, Central coast, Wollongong and Mackay), depending on the exact location, we sometimes arrange for the customer to meet at a nearby main road but sometimes able to arrange door-to-door delivery.

Click on your preferred flower colour (right) or on the words
"Online Shop"
to visit our Frangipani Trees shop.

Our online Frangipani Shop
Select a category (colour or species) to see frangipani trees in that category. Click on the word "price" to list those frangipanis in order with the cheapest frangipanis at the top. Click on the word "price" again to list them with the best frangipanis at the top.
You can then click on a title (or image) to go to a description page to see more details about any specific frangipani tree.  Please see our webpage titled
Description Pages to learn about the terms we use. On the description page, you can click on the frangipani tree image to enlarge it.

Search Box
If you record the numbers of the frangipani trees which interest you, you can enter those numbers in the search box to easily find them later.

Before you order, you'll probably like to know how much transportation will cost and how to get the best value for your shipping dollar.
See our
Delivery page for details.

We have tried to include all the important information about buying a frangipani tree in the website. If you can't find the answer to your question and would just like to speak to one of us,
please contact us by phone or email.

See our
About Us page for our contact information.



The fastest and easiest
way to get the frangipani tree you want.




Hot Pink



Evergreen Obtusas

Singapore White


Everlasting Love

White Magic

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