has pages of information about frangipanis
and an online shop with photos and prices of our available frangipani trees.

Our Frangipani Tree Online Shop

On our online shop, customers can view and select a frangipani tree knowing they will receive the same tree as seen in the photo.

We select the best of our bagged frangipani trees to display on our online shop.  These trees have all been grown up through numerous pot sizes and had sufficient time in their bags to develop root systems suitable to their size. This ensures they can be transported easily and safely and can also quickly settle into their new home after transplanting.

After receiving an order through our online shop, we have a smooth process which ensures almost all orders can be delivered within 2 weeks.

Frangipani Information

This website’s primary aims are to introduce frangipanis to beginner gardeners and also offer something to those who are more experienced.

We will be constantly improving, adding to and rearranging our frangipani information so please feel free to explore the links and information pages on this web site.

Selecting A Frangipani Tree

We have specialized in growing and selling frangipani trees for more than 10 years. People, especially those in the industry, usually order trees by species, height and bag size. Frangipani trees, however, vary greatly in branch density and shape so most people prefer to select a specific frangipani tree by looking at it directly or seeing a photo. Yes, a frangipani tree picture says a 1000 words.

To match the right frangipani tree to the right customer, we prefer local people to make an appointment and come see our available frangipani stock. For those further away where driving time and petrol money become an issue, we hope to make it easier by having photos and descriptions of our available frangipani trees on our online shop. We recommend people wanting a frangipani tree and living in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, NSW Central Coast, Wollongong, the Gold Coast, North Queensland and even in Brisbane to visit our online shop.

We aim to make the ordering process as easy, and as enjoyable as possible. Payment can be made straight after ordering however we would prefer not to receive payment until we confirm the ordered frangipani tree is still available and in good condition. We arrange door-to-door delivery which is usually within 2 weeks. We can also hold  orders and delay sending the frangipanis until your garden is ready or the winter has past.

For more information about freight costs and restrictions, please visit our frangipani delivery page.