Many people in Australia are familiar with frangipanis and have experienced their colourful and scented flowers.

With warm weather and a favourable breeze, the beautiful scent of a frangipani flower is always a pleasant surprise.  For this reason, we recommend everyone to consider getting a frangipani, or several, for their own yard.

Frangipani Flower Colours

Some people, more likely those who have grown up in a cold climate, would be surprised to know there are more than one or two frangipani flower colours. Besides the common white (yellow centre) and the common pink (orange centre), there are hundreds and possibly thousand of colour variations. The prettiest and the most unusual have been given names (some registered and some not) and have been enthusiastically propagated and replicated.

Frangipani Species

Many people would be surprised to hear that there is more than one species of frangipani. In Melbourne, every frangipani is most likely to be a rubra. As you go North and the climate become warmer, the choice to grow other species becomes easier. In Northern Australia, numerous species of frangipani trees can be found.

Many people in Queensland will have heard someone mention “the evergreen frangipani“. In past years, it referred to the Singapore frangipani however in recent years with its increase in popularity, many people call the Frangipani Pudica “the evergreen frangipani”.

Growing Conditions For Frangipanis

Too much or too little water or sun will make a frangipani unhealthy, unattractive and possibly be fatal. It’s important to get the right balance of sun and water for healthy frangipanis.

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Frangipani Terminology

In Australia, the common name “frangipani” is widely used however when referring to species the generic or botanical name “Plumeria” is often used. For example, Plumeria obtusa is more preferable than Frangipani obtusa and is often abbreviated to P. obtusa.

In some English speaking countries, including the USA, “plumeria” is widely used and even enthusiastic gardeners will have never heard of “frangipani”.  Many languages, especially those spoken in tropical countries, have their own word for frangipani.

Plumeria, or frangipani, is a small genus of plants in which there are only a few common species. The most common species of frangipani in Australia is the Frangipani rubra which is pronounced “roo-bra”. Some people associate the word rubra with the colour red but in this case, it’s best not to. There may be an historical link between the name “frangipani rubra” and the colour “red” but it’s unclear.

Drought Tolerance

Most frangipani species have evolved in hot dry climates so that’s where they feel most comfortable. They have an amazing ability to get moisture from dry soil and retain it.

In Australia, some areas in some years can have very dry summers which can destroy gardens and lawns however established frangipanis can survive and even thrive in these tough conditions.

Probably the biggest danger to any frangipani is the owner watering it too often. Keeping the roots continuously wet will harbour bacteria which will create root rot which can eventually be fatal. Having said that, frangipanis can survive floods and monsoons as long as their roots have a chance to dry out within a few weeks.

Many people get a burst of energy in spring to work on their gardens but then get busy with life and jobs until the following spring. Since frangipanis are quite hardy and low maintenance, they will bloom in the summer and be waiting in spring.

Ordering Frangipanis Online

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